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's Ass
created in 2009 as a framework for all  years of my activity.  Especially for the festival
Pallasit and other events, which I sometimes do. It will  be continued  occasionally involved in the issue of where various records and will support activities associated with this underground of our culture, which is extensive, unfortunately sometimes too fragmented.To  promote and participate is possible in  impossible things too - let us  know ... Everything is welcome, what is spinning around the HC / punk, grindcore, fastcore, crust, d-beat, noise and similar directions..... small D.I.Y. label.
Another activity is assembling of a database of Czech - Slovak rock vinyl after 1993. And a collection of these vinyls - see section Vinyls.
And why the name, many of you can ask - because of fuck off all religions and the Church!
Fuck off nazi idiots!!!

Vinyls & Distro
dealing with vinyl as the best medium of sound are never enough! These pages should primarily pursue non-commercial rock scene in the Czech and Slovak Republics. You can find here as well as other information about the cover ...
Gramophone and records have survived taperecorders with coils, taperecorders with a tape cassette, CD and DVD players with CD-and DVD-discs and today we can  say that they got
their fight over with  the MP3 format.
During the past fifteen years in this country (but elsewhere too) vinyl survived only because of the alternative and non-commercial culture. In those fifteen years  lived the vinyl with a few exceptions in the Czechoslovak only in the underground. You can try to find some commercial matter between the years 1994 and 2008
in database, there are only few ...
Year 2009/10 will be probably breakthrough, because the gramophone record is becoming fashionable again and it gets more often into a mind among of the people, publishers and would-be artists.
We'll see what happens next .......

Released Pope's Ass

Vinyls for sale, for exchange, my collection: Distro

Vinyl database of the Czech and Slovak bands (hc/punk, grind, metal, alternativ, underground is complete !!):
The Vinyl database, vinyl info