Electronic dance & experimental music since 1995

Zde najdete všechno možné z elektronické hudby. Ať už se to týká kapel blíže popu a nebo totálně podzemních experimentátorů se zvuky..

Je jasné, že toho zde spousta chybí, napiš, pokud víš o desce která by tu měla být!!!

Alten Maschinen With Gerald V.Casale Of Devo

12'ep – 2008

L: Xproduction

experimental electronic music

Autumnist – Tiny Bit

12"ep – 2013

L: Deadred rec, Starcastic

maxisingle, hand numbered 22 copies, cover with silkscreen, insert is big (30x30cm) sticker with motive of Autumnist vinyls, dubplate

electronic, rock, breakbeat, ambient + remix

Autumnist – A Distant Speck

12"ep – 2013

L: Deadred rec, Starcastic

maxisingle, hand numbered 22 copies, cover with silkscreen, insert is big (30x30cm) sticker with motive of Autumnist vinyls, dubplate

electronic, rock, breakbeat, ambient + remix

Autumnist – Sound Of Unrest

lp – 2013

L: Deadred rec, Starcastic

silkscreen handprinted, gatefold, grafic list, download code, stickers

also limited 22 copies: + signed by Autumnist, + cd

electronic, rock, breakbeat, ambient

AutumnistSome Ground

12"ep – 2013

L: Deadred rec, Starcastic

maxisingle, hand numbered 22 copies (8x black, 14x transparent clear), cover with silkscreen, dubplate

electronic, rock, breakbeat, ambient + remix

Autumnist – Shining Like A Ghost

12“sp – 2014

L: Deadred rec

crystal clear dubplate,released for Record Store Day 2014

electronic, breakbeat, ambient + remix

Birds Build Nests Underground – Night Night

lp – 2007

L: Love Nest


Birds Build Nests Underground & My Cat Is An Alien (It) – Gramofonu = Voice Of The Universe

lp – 2010

L: Love nest, Opax rec (It)

common version 300 copies, limited edition - 20 copies 

experimental electro, turntable

Dikolson – The Bear Is Sleeping Now

lp – 2011

L: Minority rec

400 copies, red vinyl, + download code MP3, hand numbered and signed


Dope Aviators - Another Stupid Song Ep

12'ep – 2009

L: 11 Fingers (Fin)

Power Pop, Psychedelic Rock


lp – 2009

L: Chemical rec (Uk)


Fat Kit – 87 Bears

lp – 2013

L: Ajlávmjuzik

electronic music

Fiordmoss – Ink Bitten

lp – 2012

L: self release

electronic music

FloexPhi – Long Rmxd

12“ - 2001

L: Stoika rec

DnB, Breakbeat

Floex - Zorya

lp - 2011

L: Minority rec

first press 300 clear copies, repress 140 transparent yellow copies (2011), repress 111 black copies (2012), repress 300 transparent sky blue copies (2013), repress on 180gr black vinyls (2015)

download code, insert

alternativ electronic music

– Pocustone

lp – 2013 (p 2001)

L: Quazi Delict records

black and clear (limited edition) vinyls, + download code

alternativ electronic music, future jazz

– Gone

10“- 2013

L: Denovali rec (Ger)

150 bone copies, 350 black copies, gatefold, download code

experimental electronic

Floex - Samorost 3 soundtrack

2lp – 2016

L: Minority rec

six inlays with illustrations by Adolf Lachman, download code, 180gr vinyls, black and green copies, gatefold

Samorost 3 is point and click adventure game, music by Floex

Floex - next vinyls:

v/a Vinyla
v/a 10/11/12
v/a Kill The Headliners

soundtrack Machinarium

Hypnotix – Rastaman In Prague

lp – 1990

L: Bonton


Hypnotix – Global Fusion Remixes

lp – 1998

L: African Dance rec (Ger)


I Love 69 Popgeju – Let's Gold Corridor

lp – 2010

L: Vole Love Production

275 copies, gold vinyl

psychedelic, elektro rock

Imiafan (Sk) – Légy A Falon

12'ep - 2005

1 - limited pressing of 320 copies and total of 20 copies white labeled testpressing copies

2 - White Label mispressing off the official release with same matrix number,
but the track A2 is missing (was replaced by an unknown jazz funk track).
Only 20 copies exist.

L: 4mg rec (Sk, Can)

Electro, Synth-pop, Minimal

Imiafan (Sk) / Machinepop (Sweden)

split ep – 2006

L: 4MG rec / Electronic Obsession (Sweden)

4MG rec limited edition 250 copies, Electronic Obsession (Sweden) 250 copies, other cover  + promo version

Electro, Synth-pop, Minimal

Imiafan (Sk) - Epidémia / Someone Else (Remixes)

12'ep - 2009

- limited to 250 handnumbered copies. sleeved in a folded poster

- 5 copies in year 2008

L: 4mg rec (Sk)

Italo-Disco, Electro, Synth-pop

Imiafan (Sk) - Képeslap

lp - 2010

L: Falco Invernale rec (Fr)

hand numbered edition, 300 copies, white vinyl

Electro, Synth-pop, Minimal

Imiafan (Sk) – Neurozone

lp – 2012

L: 4mg records

hand numbered, 274 copies

Electro, Synth-pop, Minimal

Imiafan (Sk) - references to the next vinyls:

compilation Das Drehmoment 5th Anniversary Compilation "Vol 1" (lp 2005, Das Drehmoment /Ger/)

compilation Doppelhertz (2lp 2007, Hertz-Schrittmacher /Ger/)

compilation Machine Gum Vol. 02 (12'ep 2008, Kaugummi rec /Fr/)

compilation Rückwärts Im Uhrzeigersinn (2lp 2008, das drehmoment /Ger/)

compilatino Vinylized Vol.1 (2011)

compilation Vinylized Vol.2 (2012)

v/a Vinylized Vol.3 (2013)

Ink Midget & Pjoni (Sk) - s/t

split 12''ep – 2011

L: Exitab, F341

electro acoustic experimental

Jamka – Z okna, Ucha

lp – 2008

L: Urbsounds Collective

experimental electronic music

Jamka - references to the next vinyls:

compilation Urbsounds Collective

Karaoke Tundra / MMtm

lp – 2004

L: Fatal Noise Recordings

electronic, techno

Karaoke Tundra – Samoobsluha

lp – 2010

L: Ajlavmjuzik


Karaoke Tundra / MRC Riddims (USA)

lp – 2013

L: Silver Rocket, Lokal rekorc

electronic, hip-hop, dub...

Karaoke Tundra: next vinyls

v/a Kill The Headliners !

split sp Bene / Aran Epochal

lp Bonus – Konec civilizace

remix on lp Dave LXR – Demontage Special 01

Lightning Glove – Radical ZOO

lp – 2014

L: Ono Tesla (UK)

UK project from Prague

electronic, noise, industrial, techno

Liquid Harmony – High Resolution Mouse

12´sp – 1996

L: Sony

electro dance music

Liquid Harmony - I can get no/know disco satisfaction / Ride on !

12´ep – 1997

L: Sony BMG

electro dance music

Midi Lidi – Hastrmans, Tatrmans & Bubáks

2lp – 2010

L: Malárie rec

525 numbered copies

alternativ electro music

Midi Lidi - Polski singiel

sp – 2012

L: Malárie rec & Midi Lidi

music of the film (soundtrack) „Polski film (2012)“

Mimoa / DentistMimoa / Brace

12“ - 2000

L: Intensiv

techno, house

Model 8 – Cassiopeia

lp – 2013

L: self released

electronica - pop

Moimir Papalescu And The Nihilists - Summer Deviation

12'ep - 2005

L: Pale Music (Ger)

remix album, bands Scandals (Ger), Marco Lenzi (UK), Elektrabel, Sunshine

Monotone Men Featuring Calvera – Smelly / Zoom – Hill

12'ep – 1998

L: Mr. Cucumber rec

Drum n Bass

Načeva, Pavlíček & DJ Five – Tyhle dny

12´sp – 2007

L: Načeva rec

Načeva Monika & David Cajthaml - Dekadence

12'sp – 2009

L: self titled

Navigators – Sky Travellin' / My Place

3lp – 2010

L: Subpub Records A Unit Of GMP Group Spol. S.R.O.

funk, R&B, soul

Navigators - next vinyls:

compilation Kings Of Prague

Ohm Square / Orange Pekoe

split 12'ep – 1997

L: Mr. Cucumber

Ohm Square - Ohmophonica

2x12'ep - 1998

L: MFS (Ger)

there also promo version, only 1lp

Ohm Square - Pillow

12'ep - 1998

L: MFS (Ger)

Ohm Square - Sole Lane

12'ep - 2001

L: East Authentic

Ohm Square - A Curious Place Between Souls And Atoms

lp – 2014

L: Deadred rec, Starcastic rec


Ohm Square - next vinyls:

v/a Nicolette, Dj Kicks

v/a Mr. Cucumber Presents 2EP

one song on the lp Bassface Sascha - Different Faces (3x12'ep, 1999, Mole Listening Pearls /Ger/ )

Orange Pekoe / Ohm Square

split 12'ep – 1997

L: Mr. Cucumber

Pjoni & Ink Midget - s/t

split 12''ep – 2011

L: Exitab, F341

electro acoustic experimental

Plastic Purity - Check Out

lp – 1996

L: Radegast

Prince of TennisUrbi And Orbi

lp – 2012

L: Starcastic rec

electronic music

Roboteksystem, PX13 - First promo

lathe cut 12´´ ep - 2015

L: self release


Šrůmová Blanka – The Shroom Party

12´ep – 1997

L: Ilegal rec

dance music

Tchendos, The - Ajtakrajta

12“ep – 1997

L: Mr.Cucumber

house, break

Tchendos, The / Průmyslová smrt

split ep – 2015

L: Pope's Ass + bands

simple opening cover, 250 copies, PS songs from 2012, TT song "Dnes naposled" from 2008

experimental samples from films / violence hardcore

Tchendos, The – next vinyls:

v/a 2x 12“ Mr. Cucumber Presents

Toxique – Outlet People

picture lp – 2010

L: Toxique Music s.r.o.

hexagonal picture vinyl

electro pop

Urbsounds CollectiveBack Mirror

10'ep – 2008

L: Urbsounds Collective

clear vinyl

electronic experimental music

Ventolin – Totem

lp – 2012

L: Bumbumsatori

white vinyl, download code

electronic music