Bad Age / Disfunkce mysli

split ep – 2014

L: GOGO music klub, GRF rec, Ultima Ratio, Fusa rec (Br/Cz), Fachkas stav. společnost, Dis Šrot rec, Cecek rec, United Crusties

easy opened cover

Balaclava - s/t

ep – 2000

L: Hopewell

Balaclava – Road / The Old Testament

split ep – 2001

L: Impregnate rec, Private View Of Slavery, Světlo a teplo rec, Vegan Idea rec

Balaclava / Complicité Candide

split ep – 2005

L: Drügs Kill Your Mind, Malárie, Chierra, INL, Rage Dis rec, Śvětlo a teplo, Templetton, Out Of Control, No Meat Today, Ad Absurdum

525 copies

Balaclava - references to the next vinyls:

compilation Sekec mazec quattro

Behind The Cemetery Wall / Kaosquad

split lp – 2013

L: Cestou na hřbitov, Thrashers Crew Strakonice, War Pigs, Korek rec, Noise Master rec, Exit prod, Mur Mur Meteoroid, rarach katus rec, Soudruh, GRF rec, Rako 161, Killing Art, Hellsound, Z6H rec


Behind The Cemetery Wall - next vinyls:

v/a Posloucháte Jižní Čechy 3

Beton / Čad

split lp - 2008

L: Biosfere rec, Vandal rec, Totalitarism Still Continues, Black Seeds rec (Ir), Beefy rec (Uk), Quatuka rec (Pl), Dear Friends, Makinas rec (Mex), Codex rec, Smyt rec (Fr), Nihilist And Beers Terror rec, Thriller rec, Dist and Confused (Swe), Warsong (Swe)

500 copies

Beton / Besthöven (Braz)

split ep – 2009

L: Totalitarianism Still Continues (Sk), Dist And Confused (Ger), Christian Ahlvik (Swed), I Feel Good (Fr), Rabia Contra El Sistema (Spain)

100 x clear, hand numbered, grey cover + 1000 x black vinyl

Beton / Skeleton (Can)

ep – 2012

L: Ultima Ratio

100 copies, red vinyls, printed inner cover

Beton – Official bootleg

2x 7“ - 2013

L: Me Vomit When See You rec

only 6 copies, songs from split eps with Besthöven and Skeleton, 2x one sided 7“, insert

Beton – Konský kokot

lp – 2015

L: Phobia rec, Véva rec, Heavy metal vomit party, Neanderthal-Stench (Belg)

gatefold, 400 black copies, 100 white/black haze, 10 TP

Blank / Deverova chyba

split ep – 2000

L: Free Dimension rec

Blind Rättvisa – Bury Your Stupid Days

lp – 2016

L: Haluzeum produkt, Svab

poster, cd, insert, sticker

Blind Rättvisanext vinyls:

compilation Slovenské vinyly nezomierajú!

compilation Too Short Too Handle #3 The Final

Blinded – Plíce plný popela (demo)

ep – 2014

L: Phobia rec, Rawmantic Disasters (Ger), Véva Records, Terror Night Crew a Hard Bones Productions

205 copies – various colours of the covers, Phobia rec version 20 copies with hand numbered special layout with screenprinted patch

Blood In Our Wells – Echoes Of Desolation

lp – 2014

L: Waking The Dead rec, Forced Expression rec, Truemmer Pogo rec (Ger)

clear vinyls, 300 hand numbered copies, insert, download coupon

Boiling Point – Thrash The Railroads

flexi ep – 2011

L: Totalitarianism Still Continues

509 copies, hand numbered, bootleg

Boiling Point / The Skrotes (Portugal)

split ep – 2012

L:Destroy It Yourself (Portugal), Dzsukhell Records (Hungary), Yellow Dog Records (Germany), Totalitarianism Still Continues (Slovakia), Carpath Bears (Slovakia), Black Trash Records (Austria), Farce Attack Records (France)

2x insert, big hole center, 33rpm: 100 white or white marbled copies, 350 black copies, limited edition 50 copies on purple transparent or purprle marbled, 25 comes with additional hand made cover designed by Boiling Point members, another 25 comes with additional cover designed by The Skrotes members. Boiling Point limited edition includes silk-screen poster.

Boiling Point – E.P.

ep – 2013

L: Dog Lovers

L: Analog Freaks (self release)

Dog Lovers version: 130 copies, big hole center, yellov/black haze vinyl, hand made and numbered cover, 2x insert

Analog Freaks records (band label) version: 200 copies, yellov/black haze vinyl, small hole center, insert, a special release show edition consisting of 25 pieces

Bombatölcser – Bude klid – Noise Demo E.P.

ep – 2012

L: Ultima Ratio

250 copies, haze vinyl, hand numbered, printed inner cover, poster – cover, gatefold cover, special cover, printed paper clip through package

limit christmas edition: + 12“cover, 2x poster

Bombatölcsér / Jack (Hu)

split ep – 2014

L: Extreme Terror productions (Pl), Here and Now! (It), Vleesklak rec (Belg), THC+DIY rec (Aut), Raw zine rec, Ultima Ratio, Destroy Sounds rec (Rus), Vörös Ördög

green vinyl, easy opened cover

Bombatölcser – next vinyls:

v/a Brno stále v plamenech

Bowel Fuck – Working On Selfdestruction / But (БУТ) – Weakening The Peace /

split 10“ - 2014

L: Maximed rec, Nice To Eat You


Boy – I'm Weird

ep – 2013

L: Voltage rec

black vinyl, big hole center, 45 rpm, 300 copies

Boy – Darkest Visions

lp – 2014

L: Voltage rec, Rebel Sound rec (USA)

booklet, gatefold in luxus silver embossed slipcase

2nd press in the year 2015 on the Unrest rec (Can) and Voltage rec: embossed slipcase, gatefold, insert, different band picture on gatefold from the first press

550 copies, gold embossed slipcase, gold vinyl

300 copies, pink embossed slipcase, pink vinyl

Boy / Hat Trickers (Jap)

split sp 2015

L: U.P.D. rec (Jap)

100 copies, hand numbered

Boy – next vinyls:

v/a Brno stále v plamenech

v/a Cashing In On Christmas vol.5

Braník – Power

lp – 1991

L: Braník

! racist band, oi, skinhead

Breed, The – Zeď

lp – 2013

L: Aback Distribuce rec

opening cover

Bricanyl Turbuhaler / Risposta – Důsledek poznání

split lp – 2016

L: self release

insert, simple openable sleeve

Bullboxers, The – Plány a sny

10“ep lathe cut – 2014

L: self released

40 copies, insert, black vinyl

Bumfrang3 – Rebus

lp – 2012

L: Sakraphon

blue vinyl, insert

lp Burning Steps - Way Out

lp – 2016

L: self release, Tchitchimania rec

download coupon, printed inner sleeve

But (БУТ) – Weakening The Peace / Bowel Fuck – Working On Selfdestruction

split 10“ - 2014

L: Maximed rec, Nice To Eat You


But (БУТ) - next vinyls:

v/a Polsoucháte Jižní Čechy 3