Fear Of Extinction – s/t

ep – 2011

L: Phobia rec, Riotstarter rec, ABC Distro

525 copies

Fear Of Extinction – Winter Extinction 2012 Tour EP

ep – 2012

L: Phobia rec, Riotstarter rec, ABC

xerox cover, only white label, only 150 numbered copies

Fear Of Extinction / Makaber Fynd (Sweden)

split ep – 2013

L: ABC Records, Cestou na hřbitov, Fear Of Extinction Records, Gas MAsk Records, Hluboká Orba Records,Phobia records

396 black vinyl, 104 white vinyl with hand numbered screen printing cover

Fear Of Extinction / March Of The Hordes

split ep – 2014

L: Phobia Records, Véva Records, Rawmantic Disasters, Fear Of Extinction rec, Riotstarter Records, Terror Night Records, Dis-Šröt rec, NFB Crew

204x black. 43x red / pink / black / white marbled. 39x white. 16x red (distributed only via bands)

opened cover, Phobia records limited edition with special nubered cover

Fear Of Extinction / Passiv Dödshjälp – A North / East D-beat Lobotomy

lp – 2017

L: Halvfabrikat rec (Swed), Rawmantic Disasters (Ger), Mangel Wax (Swed), Up The Punx (Pl), Phobia rec

400 copies, 100 blue/white copies, insert, 30 test press copies

Fear Of Extinction – next vinyls:

v/a Distorted Minds In A Sick World vol.1

Festa Desperato - Nový Babylon

ep – 2005

L: Gasmask rec. Hluboká orba rec, Out Of Control / Psychotherapy, Phobia rec, Samuel Rec, Refugiado rec, Miiruus Levyt

Festa Desperato – Život ve hříchu

ep – 2010

L: Waking The Dead

limited edition 100 copies – black/white vinyl, poster, 150 copies black/white vinyl, 250 copies black vinyl


Festa Desperato – Psi Vatikánu

lp – 2011

L: Insane Society

525 copies


Festa Desperato – Alergie

ep – 2013

L: self release: Miruus Levyt, Gasmask rec, Painajainen

postercover, only white labels, big hole center, 300 copies


Festa Desperato: next vinyls

v/a Spalte Brno na prach
v/a Brno stále v plamenech

Fetch ! - Kiasu / Elektročas – Errantry In A Circle

split sp – 2008

L: Silver Rocket

white sp

Fetch! - Parfum & Koteka

lp – 2011

L: Silver Rocket

+ mp3 download

Fialky – Boys side / Girls Side

ep – 2010

L: Papagájův hlasatel rec

500 numbered copies

Fialky – Kapitán 77

lp – 2011

L: Papagájův hlasatel rec

yellow vinyl, 325 hand numbered copies, cd with bonus tracks

Fialky – No School

ep – 2013


insert, red vinyl

Fire Walk With Me / Kobra XI

split ep – 2009

L: Do Not Fuck With Cthulhu rec, Dead Heroes rec, Killing Art rec, Hitchin'To Revolution, Člověk rec, Samuel rec, War Pigs rec, Exit prod, Soya Milk rec, Pope's Ass prod, Forced Expression rec, Aback rec

Fire Walk With Me - next vinyls:

compilation Posloucháte Jižní Čechy I

Flame Still Burns, the / Jednota

split ep - 2005

L: Templetton rec, Drügs Kill Your Mind, My Sleeping Cat, CV rec, Garfield distr, OVXHC rec, Outcry rec (Rus), Mosh Or Die, Dark Earth distr, Výmel Mafia rec

Flaming Cocks / Phantoms On Fire

split ep – 2007

L: Burning Rubber, Coreritual, Kids And Heroes, Psychobilly, Crazy Love rec, Bloody Blue Tatoo, Final, Hazzard

Fleshless – Slaves Of The God Machine

lp – 2011

L: Metal Age productions (Sk), Nice To Eat You rec

Fleshless – Grinding

picture lp – 2012 (p 1994)

L: Nasphyr Personal Demon rec

hand numbered 399 copies, first 66 copies is Die Hard version: + T-shirt, button and patch

Fleshless – Grind God

lp – 2013 (P 1999)

L: Nice To Eat You rec, Pigeon Shit Agency

printed inner cover

Flowers For Whores - When Gods Fight For A Flag

ep – 2006

L: Damage Done rec (Ger/Cz)

Flowers For Whores – Another Rome Falls

ep – 2009

L: Damage Done rec (Ger/Cz)

too limited edition 100 copies with color vinyl (black/yelow)

Flowers For Whores – Ammiratore / Gattaca - Smrt jako jediný účel života

sp – 2011

L: Damage Done rec

white violet vinyl

Flowers For Whores – Léta rozchodu / Bonus – Léta rozchodu

sp – 2012

L: Damage Done rec

transparent clear vinyl

Flying Enterprise - Dio Film

ep – 2001

L: Ultima Ratio

also white ep

Foolocracy – s/t

lp – 2007

L: Ultima Ratio

also limited numbered edition, 100pcs, white vinyl, special cover

Four Seats For Invalides – Livestock

ep – 1998

L: Napalmed

yellow ep

F.P.B. (Fourth Price Band) - FPB Live

ep – 1991


only with lp Kdo z koho, ten toho

F.P.B. (Fourth Price Band) - Kdo z koho, ten toho

lp – 1991


with ep FPB Live

F.P.B. - next vinyls:

compilation 1984 The Third

Full bladder / Crucify yourself

split ep – 2002

L: INL rec, Alieno Tempore, Ultima Ratio rec, La Cabona, Drugs Kill Your Mind rec, Templetton, Out Of Control, Destruction rec

500 copies