Foreign bands, whose members include Czech or Slovak musician

Atomck - in this UK band Atomck is Marzena (drums) from the Czech band Hibakusha

Atomck (UK) / Paucities (USA)

split ep – 2011

L: 7Degrees rec (Germany), Ill Neglect (?), Selfish Satan Rocordings (USA), Rauha Turwa (Cz), Killing Art rec (Cz)

Broken DC - the member of the UK band is Czech Ivona Behalova (ex Alamogordo, Pettybone)

Broken DC - Face The Sun

sp - 2014


200 copies

Broken DC - Astragal

lp - 2016

L: God Unknown rec (UK)

300 copies

Curbside - the member of the this US band is Jiří Čierňava – Checi (ex Mňága a Žďorp, Smrt mladého sebevraha)

Curbside (USA) / SPS (Cz)

split ep - 1996

L: Ruddy Duck rec (USA)

Curbside (USA) – s/t

ep – 1996

L: Mass Productions (Fr)

insert, yelow transparent splattered vinyl

Märesvin – in this Danish band is Slovak drummer Richard Oros (ex Abortion), in Märesvin is bassist

Märesvin (Den) – Lows Of Modern Thrash / Swarm (Den) – Embyonic

split ep – 2013

L: Metal Age productions


Märesvin (Den) – Comrats / Lobotomized (Nor) – Comrats

split ep – 2014

L: self release (Märesvin)

Pettybone - the member of the UK band is Czech Ivona Behalova (ex Alamogordo, next Broken DC)

Pettybone (UK) - From Desperate Times Comes Radical Minds

lp - 2011

L: Emancypunx

insert, black copies, clear copies

Pettybone (UK) - next vinyls:

v/a Terminal Decay

Sabot - American band living in Bohemia, since the early 1990s

Sabot (USA) Surface Tension

lp – 1989

L: self release

Sabot (USA) – Forbidden

ep - 1991

L: Broken Rekids (USA)

Sabot (USA) – O.M.T. / Deverova chyba – Tvý tělo koleje

split sp – 2005

L: Free Dimension rec

Sabot (USA) next vinyls:

compilation Collective Conscience (1991)

compilation Kuzeb 92´- 02´

v/a Standardsituationen #5 / Standardsituationen #6 - Nachspielzeit (2x10“, 1999, Tonträger Schwarze 7 /Ger/), Sabot on Standardsituationen 6

Victims Of Classwar - the member of the Germany band is Czech Klara

Victims Of Classwar (Ger) / Partiya (Belarus)

lp – 2013

L: Angry Voice (Ger), Anarchopunx rec (Ger), No Groad (?), Destroy Sounds rec (Rus), 83 rec (Pl), Primitive Distro (Belarus)

blue vinyls, insert

Wayward Caynes (Ger, Cz, USA) / The Strangers (USA)

split ep – 2010

L: Contra rec (Ger)

three verions: black 100 copies, black/red 200 copies, tricolour – red/blue/white 200 copies