lp – 2013

L: self release

insert, only black labels, only black inner cover, picture on the outer plastic bag

the band doesn't have any name, for the internet have used this: ''We dont have a name'', but it is not their name, official name is the logo: ██████

repress in the year 2016: white black splatter vinyls, 250 copies, self release

██████ / Old Soul (USA)

split lp – 2014

L: Dingleberry rec (Ger), Pike rec (Ger), IFB rec (USA), Maniyax rec (Ger), Zegema Beach rec (Can), Mosh Potatoes (USA), Suspended Soul Tapes and Records (USA)

insert, 700 copies, black vinyls

██████ - next vinyls:

v/a Memento (lp 2015)

The..., other name variations: Mr. Nobody, The … (nobody), The... (nobodies), NBDY, ...:

Blondie & The … (nobody) – Animal shelter Blues / Leg Lifters (Feat. Jacqueline Coulon) (USA) – Elle Poupe Dans La Rue

sp - 2013

L: Dog Bless You rec (sublabel Dog Lovers rec)

100 violet copies with big hole center, 150 black copies with small hole center, hand numbered, insert, other cover

18 hand numbered limit test press, hand made 37 pages booklet

The … (nobody) / Hot Nerds (USA)

split lp – 2013

L: Dog Bless You rec (sublabel Dog Lovers rec)

gold vinyl, download card

for 20 preorders with 7″ lathe cut split Hot Nerds / The…(Nobody) with unreleased songs, not sold separately

The … (nobody) / Hot Nerds (USA)

split 7“lathe cut – 2013

L: Dog Bless You rec (sublabel Dog Lowers rec)

20 copies, clear one sided lathe cut, only for 20 preorders lp The … (nobody) / Hot Nerds (USA), not sold separately

Mr. Nobody & The... (nobodies) / Witches Of Malibu (USA)

split 10“ - 2014

L: Dog Bless You rec (sublabel Dog Lowers rec)

130 hand numbered vinyls, insert

collaboration tracks with members of Remek / Gattaca / Auxes

Cry Of Humans & MRNBDY colaboration / Oppenheimer

split ep – 2015

L: Dingleberry records (Ger) , Dog Bless You records, Apatrida records, Obsedante records, Korobushka records, Raw Zine records, Totalitarian Still Continues, Rosa Punx Collective, Swamper records, Slip It In

133 copies, big hole center, many variants of the covers + inserts

Amps For Christ (USA) / NBDY / Rehgrafsivart (USA) - Season Of The Dog

10“ - 2015

L: Dog Bless You Rec

hand numbered 108 copies, black label, 3x insert, obistrip, 80 with red, yellow or orange cover, 20 with green cover + poster, bonus.., 8 without cover – with black trash bag

Nobodies – s/t

4,5“ ep – 2016

12 copies one sided ep, on the B side is the printing, non played