picture ep – 2004

L: Pohoda rec

300 pcs. limited edition, picture

Palahniuk – s/t

ep – 2014

L: Damage Done

4x graphic sheet with text

Palahniuk – next vinyls:

v/a Memento (lp 2015)

Pangs Of Remorse / Mrtvá budoucnost

split ep – 1996

L: Insane Society rec, Ad Absurdum, Död Framtid

White vinyl

Pangs Of Remorse / Ravelin 7

split 10´ep - 2000

L: Insane Society, View Beyond rec, Světlo a teplo rec, Ad Absurdum, Bussiness As Usual, Noisy Parasit

blue vinyl

Pangs Of Remorse - references to the next vinyls:

compilation Onslaught

compilation Scan Of Czech Scene

compilation Sekec mazec

Paregorik / Napalmed / Wormhead (Ger) / Ataraxy (Ger)

4way split ep – 2012

L: Meziprostor, Napalmed, Rauha Turva, Puzzle Records (Ger), Vomit Bucket Productions (Ger), Underground Pollution Records (Fr), Nhdiyst Records (Fr)

300 hand numbered copies

Paregorik - next vinyls:

v/a Too Short Too Handle

Paskuda – D.I.Y. jeseň 2009 / Depresy Mouse - … nepotřební ?

split ep – 2010

L: Totalitarianism still continues (Sk), Undislessed (F), Rauha turva (CZ), DIY piraten (CZ), Project production (CZ), Aback distribuce (CZ), Trenchcore records (SK)

275 yelow copies, 245 black copies

Paskuda / Jakubysko

split lp – 2013

L: Totalitarianism Still Continues, Burina rec, Ffud rec, SSGc rec

brown vinyls, 525 copies, 2x insert

Paskuda – next vinyls:

compilation Slovenské vinyly nezomierajů
v/a ep 6way split ( Humit / Abortion / Alea Iacta Est / Sedem Minút Strachu / Kumuru / Paskuda)

Pathologist - Putrefactive And Cadaverous Odes About Necroticism

picture lp – 1993

L: M.A.B. Records

800 copies

Pathologist - Putrefactive and Cadaverous Odes About Necroticism

lp – 2011 (p 1992)

L: Crush The Silence rec (UK/Cz/Ven - Sp)

Pathologist - Grinding Opus Of Forensic Medical Problems

picture lp – 2013 (p 1993)

L: Nasphyr Personal Demon records

only vinyl, no cover or insert, 399 copies

Pettybone (UK) - From Desperate Times Comes Radical Minds

lp - 2011

L: Emancypunx

insert, black copies, clear copies

the member of the band is Czech Ivona Behalova (ex Alamogordo), therefore, there is

Pettybone (UK) - next vinyls

v/a Terminal Decay

Phantoms On Fire / Flaming Cocks

split ep – 2007

L: Burning Rubber, Coreritual, Kids And Heroes, Psychobilly, Crazy Love rec, Bloody Blue Tatoo, Final, Hazzard

Pigsty - The Return

lp – 2013 (p 2002)

L: Bizarre Leprous production

gatefold, 300 copies, black vinyl

Pilsner Oiquell – Svatá pravda

lp - 2004

L: Elb Power rec (Ger)

Pipes And Pints – Until We Die

lp – 2010

L: Unrepentant rec (USA), Wolverine rec (Ger)

Pipes And Pints – Found & Lost

lp – 2012

L: Supraphon


Pipes And Pints - next vinyls:

v/a Rock'N'Roll Is The Devil's Music

v/a Our Music! Our Scene!

Pivnica / Svině!

split ep - 2014


tripple simple opening cover

Pivnica – Pod lampou je najväčšia tma

ep – 2015

L: Ventilatörr rechörds

simple opening cover, blue vinyls

Plastic Grave: The Grave Of Noise / Agathocles (Bel): Pigs In Blue

split ep – 1995

L: Bizarre leprous

during the pressing happened a mistake, on the B side has the Plastic Grave only one song (the second one - Gambled), the first one is from the band Temple Of Sorrow (czech death metal)

Plexis - Půlnoční rebel

lp – 1990

L: Monitor

Plexis - White Killer

lp – 1992

L: Reflex

Plexis - Plexis III

lp – 1993

L: Monitor

Plexis – Vohul to

lp – 2011


500 copies

Plexis - references to the next vinyls:

compilation Rebelie Punk 'n' Oi!

compilation Epidemie

compilation Akce punk

compilation Dej mi víc... Olympic

PNS - s/t

ep – 2008

L: Papagájův hlasatel rec

Point - Sherudo Garo

ep - 1997

L: Silver Rocket

Point – Yellow Hut / Anyway - Watergates

split ep – 2000

L: Silver Rocket

Point - Aquila Bert

lp – 2001

L: Silver rocket, Minority rec

clear vinyl

Point Blank Range – Now I Understand

ep – 2013

L: Damage Done rec

poster/insert, download code, 200 copies, transparent yellow/green vinyl

Pray For Death – s/t

ep – 2012

L: Phobia rec, Pope's Ass, Punx Piknik + self release

275 copies, insert, yellow vinyl, 33rpm

Pray For Death / V rukou osudu

split lp - 2014

L: Phobia rec, Forced Expression, Exit production, Pope's Ass, ABC, Cestou na hřbitov, Úchylny koš, Véva rec

simple opened cover

Pray For Death – next vinyls:

v/a Tribute to Pallasit

Prípad Ewi Burdovej – Ostrov Island / Editor – Viagra

split ep – 1999

L: Hirax rec, Epidemie rec

Propaganda – Žízeň po životě

ep – 2012

L: Phobia rec

208 black copies

limited edition with extra cover in color vinyl: red – 41 copies, grey – 37 copies, green (for band) – 19 copies

and 1 copy red / grey haze, 1 copy green / grey haze

Propaganda: next vinyls

v/a Tribute to Pallasit

Protest – Praha

ep – 1999

L: Bulldog Power

300 copies, red vinyl

Protest – The Protest To Resistance

lp – 2000

L: Bords De Seine (Fr)

Protest - next vinyls:

compilation ep: Une Vie Pour Rien

Prügelknabe / Vocatio Interna

ep – 2011

L: Dead Heroes, Olga Hepnarová rec, Killing Art rec, Totalitarianism Still Continues, Forced Expression, Tribe Of Eternal Sun, 625thrash (USA)

Prügelknabe / Otloukánek – Deconstruction Of The Song / Band Form

split 10'' – 2018

L: Dead Heroes, Olga Hepnarová rec, Korobushka rec, Totalitarianism Still Continues, Thrash And Burn! Rec, Swamper

insert, 350 copies

Prügelknabe - next vinyls:

v/a Communal Grave

Průmyslová smrt / Kobra XI

split ep – 2006

L: Rage Dis rec, H.S.C., Wahnfried rec (Ger), Hluboká orba rec, Soya Milk, Exit prod, Destroy After Use rec, GRF rec, Templetton rec


Průmyslová smrt / Valhalla Pacifists (Uk)

spli lp – 2008

L: Dead Heroes rec, Keep Screaming rec (Uk), Cat & Owl rec (Uk)

Průmyslová smrt / Rapsod

split ep – 2011

L: ABC, Hluboká orba rec, Phobia rec, Totalitarianism Still Continues, PHR, Vejmi 666

Průmyslová smrt - Invaze změn

lp – 2015

L: PHR rec

single sided, booklet, on the other side of the lp is picture

Průmyslová smrt / The Tchendos

split ep – 2015

L: Pope's Ass + bands

simple opening cover, 250 copies, PS songs from 2012, TT song "Dnes naposled" from 2008 (samples from films)

Průmyslová smrt - next vinyls:

compilation Play Fast Or Don't

compilation Mladá fronta stárne rychle (2011)

v/a Tribute to Pallasit

Ptao - Primitive Celebration / Shambles - Primitive Celebration

split ep – 1999

L: self release

limited edition 40 copies, not playing ep

Ptao – Music For Children / Final exit (Jap)

split ep – 2000

L: Merciless Core recs

limited ed.1000 copies, clear marbled ep

Ptao / Sedem minút strachu

split ep – 2015

L: Psychocontrol

308 numbered copies, simple opening cover

Public / Mentally Parasites – It's Time To Act !

split ep – 1998

L: Merciles Core rec

green vinyl

Public - Caged Conscience

ep – 1999

L: Taste Of Blood rec, Human Meat For Sale rec, K.A.Z. rec

Public - Another Day In Paradise

lp – 2000

L: Human Meat For sale rec, K.A.Z.rec, Taste Of Blood rec

Public / See You In Hell

split ep – 2003

L: Insane Society, Zero Budget prod, Rock Against Religion (Holland), Punks Before Profits (USA), The Fuck Off Merchants (Rus), Phobia, Gasmask rec, Trujaca Fala (Pl), Malárie, Hluboká orba, Biosphere, Beer Is Not Drink, Hata Is reality, Human Meat For Sale, Ultima Ratio, K.A.Z., Tower Violence rec, Satans Punk rec, Drugfront (USA), Where Your Anger (USA), Svart Hav (Nor)

2000pcs + 500 white / clear pcs

Public – No Grave Is Deep Enough

one sided 12“ep - 2016

L: Heavy Metal Vomit Party

one sided 12“ep - on the other hand is silkscreen, insert, 300 copies

Public – next vinyls:

compilation Slovenské vinyly nezomierajů

Purulent Spermcanal / Viscera (Austral)

split ep – 1998

L: Mercilles Core

white vinyl

Purulent Spermcanal / Smothered Brothers (USA)

split ep - 2004,

L: Murder The World (USA)

green vinyl