Sabot – Surface Tension

lp – 1989

L: self release

Sabot – Forbidden

ep -1991

L: Broken Rekids (USA)

Sabot – O.M.T. / Deverova chyba – Tvý tělo koleje

split sp – 2005

L: Free Dimension rec

Sabot – next vinyls:

compilation Collective Conscience (1991)

compilation Kuzeb 92´- 02´

v/a Standardsituationen #5 / Standardsituationen #6 - Nachspielzeit (2x10“, 1999, Tonträger Schwarze 7 /Ger/), Sabot on Standardsituationen 6

Saints & Sinners – Our city

ep – 2012

L: KB records (Ger)

three songs, 450 copies black vinyl, 50 copies picture vinyl, repress 2013 - 77 hand numbered copies, other cover

Saints & Sinners – Skinhead Times

lp – 2012

L: KB rec (Ger)

insert, black 350, white 100, multicoloured 50,

Saints & Sinners – Our City

sp – 2013

L: Longshot music (USA), KB rec (Ger)

other cover, printed inner cover, only two songs, white vinyl

Saints & Sinners – My World / Our City: Under One Flag Singles Series nr. 8

sp – 2013

L: Randale rec (Ger), Contra rec (Ger), Rebellion (Holland), Longshot Music (USA), Pirates Press rec (USA), Oi! The Boat rec (USA)

350 copies in serie Under One Flag (Singles Series) with universal cover for this serie, two songs

Saints & Sinners – Keep Hold

ep – 2014

L: KB rec (Ger), Longshot music (USA)

gatefold, 600 black copies, 200 clear copies, 200 beer copies

Saints & Sinners – Die With Out Boots On / Grade 2 (UK) - Die With Out Boots On

split ep – 2015

L: Contra rec (Ger)

insert, for preorders different sleeves, 200 black copies, 400 blue copies, 400 red clear copies

Saints & Sinners – next vinyls:

v/a Cashing In On Christmas volume 6

Same River Twice – All Those Moments

lp – 2016

L: self release

insert, splatter vinyl (clear/blue)

Šanov 1 - Konec světa

lp – 1990

L: Globus

Šanov 1 – On The Shit

lp – 2016 (p 1992)


insert, remastered

Šanov 1 – Osmá renesance

lp – 2016


Šanov - next vinyls:

compilations Rebelie Punk'n' Oi!

compilation Akce punk

compilation Globus sampler

SAYWHY? / d.h.i.b.a.c. (Fr)

split ep – 2006

L: Out Of Control / Psychotherapy, ABC distro, Evarydayhate (Pl), Kamčův D.I.Y. svět, Dead Heroes rec, Exit prod, Destroy After Use, Daily Life Suck rec

SAYWHY? / Lycanthrophy –

split lp – 2007

L: Everyday Hate (Pl), Destroy After Use, Dead Heroes rec, Psychocontrol rec, Amertume (Fr), Circus Of The Macabre rec (Uk), 6am 7am (Uk), Sclérose rec (Fr), I Feel Good (Fr)

white vinyl

SAYWHY? / Bastardass (USA)

split ep – 2009

L: Psychocontrol, Everydayhate (Pl), I Feel Good (Fr), Amertume (Fr)

SAYWHY? / Idiots Parade

split ep - 2011

L: T.V.G. rec (Ger)

3x testpress, 510 black vinyl + insert, 110 red vinyl + insert + poster + 2x buttons

Saywhy? / Sheeva Yoga

split 10“ - 2013

L:Pope's Ass, Exit prod., Dead Heroes, EveryDayHate (Pl), Vegan Food, Kamčův D.I.Y. Swět rec, Ablutophobie rec (Hu), Totalitarianism Still Continues, Swamper, Bažina, Maximed rec, JNThebeast, I Feel Good Records (Fr)

2x insert, 350 copies

SAYWHY? - next vinyls:

v/a Play Fast Or Don't
v/a Nägel Mit Köpfen III
v/a Tribute to Pallasit
v/a Thrashcore Ball VI

Sebastian - Snÿ o Marii

lp – 1992

L: Monitor

Sebastian - next vinyls:

compilation Rebelie II - Hardcore

Sedem Minút Strachu / Sete Star Sept (Jap)

split ep – 2014

L: Awesome Mosh Power rec (Jap)

Sedem Minút Strachu – Concept, causes et effets de I'inflation / Adolf Shitter (Fr) - Concept, causes et effets de I'inflation

split ep - 2014

L: No Fucking Label (Holland), Underground Pollution rec (Fr)

200 violet copies, big whole center, only white label, insert

Sedem Minút Strachu - I'm Telling You It's Not Music It's Frantic, Frantic Noise / Camphora Monobromata (Rus)

split 5“ lathe cut – 2014

L: No Bread (Rus)

clear two sided lathe cut

Sedem minút strachu - Overmasonnanizationated Twist

5“ lathe cut – 2014

L: Core rec (Rus), Noisecore Everyday rec (Rus)

clear two sided lc, 45 hand numbered copies

Sedem minút strachu / Percy Jerk – Off! (Indonesia)

7“split lathe cut – 2015

L: self release

crystal clear two sided 7“lathe cut, 66 copies

Sedem Minút Strachu / Deche-Charge (Can)

5,5“ split lathe cut – 2015

L: Core rec (Russ), Noisecore Everyday rec (Russ)

50 copies

Sedem minút strachu / Ptao

split ep – 2015

L: Psychocontrol

308 numbered copies, simple opening cover

Sedem Minút Strachu ‎– Anti Discos Record 

5“ lathe cut – 2015

L: self released

only for friends, each B-side song is different and dedicated to particular person

Sedem minút strachu / Seven Minutes Of Nausea (Austral)

split ep – 2015

L: Underground Pollution (France), K.A.Z.

250 copies, big hole center, only white label

Sedem minút strachu / Unconscious Disharmonic Malfunction (Jap)

split ep – 2016

L: Bringer of Gore (Belg)

numbered, 117 yellow vinyls, 113 blue vinyls, 313 black vinyls

Sedem Minút Strachu – Are You Man Enough For Noisecore? / Erectile Dementia ( USA) - Ultra-Deluxe Noisecore Ripoff

split ep - 2016

L: Noise Not War Records (UK), Backwoods Butcher rec (USA), K.A.Z.

only white label, 300 copies, insert

Sedem Minút Strachu ‎– General Fucking

lp – 2017

L: At War With False Noise ‎(UK)

200 copies, insert, foto

Sedem Minút Strachu / De Blenders (Belgium)

10“ split – 2017

L: Vleesklak rec (Belg), K.A.Z., Bringer Of Gore (Belg), No Bread (Russ), Grindfather prod (UK), Punti Scena rec (It), ZAS! Autoproduzioni (It)

Sedem Minút Strachu / New York Against The Belzebu (Braz)

7“ split lathe cut – 2017


clear lathe cut, 33 hand numbered copies

Sedem Minút Strachu ‎– Sedem Minút Samurai

ep – 2017


250 copies, insert, black label, big hole center, in year 2016 50 copies test press for US tour 2016, white label

Sedem Minút Strachu: Next vinyls

10“ Sedem Supraphon Minút Family Strachu - Hluk Off!!

ep v/a 6 way split ( Humit / Abortion / Alea Iacta Est / Sedem Minút Strachu / Kumuru / Paskuda)

Sedem Supraphon Minút Family Strachu – Hluk Off!!

10“ - 2014

L: K.A.Z., No Fucking Label (Holland), Skaven rec, SSGC

300 copies, only black label, colaboration bands Sedem Minút Strachu & Supraphon Family

See You In Hell / Mindlock

split ep – 2001

L: Hluboká orba rec, Světlo a teplo rec, Putrid Nausea (Ger), Schandmaul (Ger), Armed Response (Ger), Loss Of Blood, Hyenyzm rec, Fuck Copyright Rec (UK), Malárie, Civilisation rec (Ger), Beer Is Not Drink rec, Church Of Skatan , Czerwony Diabelek (Pl), K.A.Z. rec, Sound Of Betrayal (Sw), Erdkampf prod (Austria)



See You In Hell – s/t

ep - 2002

L: INL, Ultima Ratio, Templetton, Hluboká orba, Phobia rec, Satans Punk, Darbouka rec (Fr), Fuck Copyright (UK), K.A.Z.

1700pcs + 200red pcs


See You In Hell / The public

split ep – 2003

L: Insane Society, Zero Budget prod, Rock Against Religion (Holland), Punks Before Profits (USA), The Fuck Off Merchants (Rus), Phobia, Gasmask rec, Trujaca Fala (Pl), Malárie, Hluboká orba, Biosphere, Beer Is Not Drink, Hata Is reality, Human Meat For Sale, Ultima Ratio, K.A.Z., Tower Violence rec, Satans Punk rec, Drugfront (USA), Where Your Anger (USA), Svart Hav (Nor)

2000pcs + 500 white / clear pcs


See You In Hell - Umět se prodat

lp – 2004

L: Ultima Ratio



See You In Hell / Mass Genocide Process

split ep – 2005

L: Cryptas (Mex), Hrydjuverk (Island), Impregnate Noise Laboratories, Insane Society, Lazy Bastard (Holland), Not Very Nice (USA), Phobia, Selfish Satan (USA), Svart Hav (Nor), Suburban HC (Ger), Tanky Panky Panzerplatter (Sw), Throw Into Disorder (Ger), Timeless Wounds (Holland), Too Circle (Jap), Tower Violence (Ger), Undislessed (Fr) a Useless (Ger)

2000pcs + 500 orange / clear pcs


See You In Hell – Útok

lp – 2007

L: Insane Society, Phobia rec

1000pcs + limited edition with textil cover and DVD(Japan tour 2006), 100pcs 


See You In Hell / Crow (Jap)

split ep – 2009

L: Insane Society, Phobia rec

also limited edition 150 copies with 2dvd „Brazil tour 2007“, red vinyl, 850 black copies


See You In Hell / Systematic Death (Jap) – EU Tour 2010

split ep - 2010

L: Insane Society

1300 black copies, 200 copies limited edition: orange vinyl, dvd, special cover, poster


See You In Hell / Contrast Attitude (Jap)

split ep – 2010

L: Insane Society

850 black vinyl, limited edition 200 copies – blue vinyl, special cover, poster

repress 2011, orange vinyl, 525 copies


See You In Hell – Útok / Attack

lp – 2011

L: SPHC rec (USA)

US version lp Útok from 2007, other master and cover


See You In Hell – Jed

lp – 2012

L: Insane Society, Voltage rec

150 copies: limited – hand numbered (blue vinyl, dvd, sticker, badge, printed paper box, insert), 450 copies: black vinyl, insert


See You In Hell – Jed

lp – 2013

L: SPHC rec (USA)

Us version lp Jed from 2012, insert, other master


See You In Hell – Odvolej / Proti proudu

flexi 7“ep – 2014

L: self release

330 hand numbered copies, poster A3, one sided black 7“flexi, easy opened cover

See You In Hell – Život ve strachu

lp – 2019

L: Insane Society, United Crusties

400 copies, 100 blue copies, insert, poster

See You In Hell - references to the next vinyls:

v/a Sekec mazec 3

v/a Global Hardcore Noise

v/a Spalte Brno na prach

v/a Brno stále v plamenech

v/a The Few The Proud – A Tribute To Negative Fx

Serious Music - Bahno společnosti

lp – 1991

L: Monitor

Serious Music - next vinyls:

compilation Rebelie II - Hardcore

Shadow Of Television – Mayday

ep – 2015



Shambles - Primitive Celebration / Ptao - Primitive Celebration

split ep – 1999

L: self release

limited edition 40 copies, not playing ep

Shambles – s/t

ep – 1999

L: self release

fictitious vinyl, usual random vinyls were used and paper labels, no music from Shambles!!, ep is bonus with demo on the mc

Sheeva Yoga / Not

split ep – 2001

L: Hyenyzm rec

Sheeva Yoga – SpielSchnell oder Sterbe / Sterbehilfe (Ger) – Human ? Definitions ?

ep – 2002

Hyenyzm rec

Sheeva Yoga / The Hub (USA) / Green Beret (USA) / Tres Hombres (Austria)

Free – Jazz vs. Hardcore : Open – Minded Split 4 Open – Minded People

4way split ep – 2003

L: Hyenyzm rec

Sheeva Yoga – Ambivalent Attitude / More Bad News – Ambivalent Attitude

split ep – 2004

L: Hyenyzm rec, Human Meat For sale rec, Rage Dis rec, Olga Hepnarová rec, Ultima Ratio, Drugs Kill Your Mind, Outcry rec (Rus)


Sheeva Yoga – Search / Disney - Drink

split lp – 2008

L: Olga Hepnarová Records, Wahnfried Records, Destroy After Use Records, Hitchin´ To Revolution Records, Dead Heroes Records, Noise Master Records, OVxHC Records, Emergency Records, Bažina Records, Heart In Kronstadt Records, Exit Production, Mente Captus Distro, JN The Beast, Člověk, Mauglí, Ultra Doom Taliban, Rauha Turva

Sheeva Yoga – Svět ten čert vem

lp – 2011

L: 625 Thrash (USA), Waking The Dead, Active Rebellion (UK), Bažina, C.O.P.S. A (It) rec, Člověk, Dead Heroes rec, Different rec, Exit production, JN The Beast, Killing Art rec, Olga Hepnarová rec, Papagájův hlasatel, Pope's Ass productions, Totalitarianism Still Continues

Sheeva Yoga / Kumuru (Sk)

split ep – 2012

L: Different rec, Skaven rec, Olga Hepnarová rec, Totalitarianism Still Continues

200 black copies

Sheeva Yoga / Saywhy?

split 10“ - 2013

L:Pope's Ass, Exit prod., Dead Heroes, EveryDayHate (Pl), Vegan Food, Kamčův D.I.Y. Swět rec, Ablutophobie rec (Hu), Totalitarianism Still Continues, Swamper, Bažina, Maximed rec, JNThebeast, I Feel Good Records (Fr)

2x insert, 350 copies

Sheeva Yoga - next vinyls:

compilation Play Fast Or Don't

compilation Communal Grave No.3

S.I.K.A. / Bingo (Sw)

split ep – 2003

L: Phobia rec, Biosphere, Drugs Kill Your Mind

S.I.K.A. / Kobra XI

split ep – 2004

L: Biosphere rec, Templetton


Sistem Erorr – Human / Člověk

7“lathe cut – 2015

L: self release

7“clear numbered lathe cut, two sided, 30 copies, +cdr, insert, patch, sticker

Skimmed (Insania) – New Insanity

lp – 1990

L: Šot rec

numbered edition, leater numbered repress

Skimmed – references to the next vinyls:


compilation Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh

compilaton Fuck Off, major labels !!!! – Táhněte

Škoda 120 – Samorost

lp - 2013 (p 2012)

L: NFB crew, Bizarre Leprous, Noise Mafia, Exit productions, Bažina, Buryzone zin, Pope's Ass, Lecter Music Agency, Maximed rec, Soudruh, Kamčův D.I.Y. swět, DIY Piraten, Against The Stream, PHR

250 hand numbered copies, bonus track „Samorost live“, 2x poster, booklet, zin Buryzone secial, sleeve

Škoda 120 / Carl Gut

split ep – 2014

L: Bažina, Exit productions, Rarach Katus rec, Véva rec, GRF rec, Kopa Hnoja, Kamčův D.I.Y. svět, Pope's Ass, NFB Crew Vinyl,

with poster, easy opened cover, black vinyls, red vinyls for bands & labels

Slobodná Európa – Pakáreň

lp – 1991

L: Opus

Slobodná Európa - next vinyls:

compilations Punk's not dead

compilation Akce punk

compilation Rock 90

Smashed Face / Cutterred Flesh

split ep – 2009

L: Pigeonshit Agency

500 copies

Smashing Dumplings - Spermish Dumplings / Spermbloodshit (It) – Spermish Dumplings

split ep – 2014

L: Coyote rec (Rus)

easy opened cover, 200 black copies, 100 blue copies

Sneeze – Stars & Strings

10“- 2014

L: Samuel rec

130 hand numbered copies, 2x insert, easy opening cover

Somebody Recalled – Empires / Asistar_T - Dvojzemno

split ep – 2007

L: Pigeonshit agency, Bažina, GRF rec, Sir Rex Puls Rec, Woodland rec, Tradiční kloub

500pcs, numbered

Space To Being / Taste Of Flesh (Indonesia) – Jump To The Street And Make It Right !

split ep – 2004

L: Beer Is Not Drink, Mass Suicide Society Conspiracy (Ger), Phobia rec, GRF rec, Disastro Sonoro rec (It), Outcry rec (Rus), First Blood Family (USA), Rage Dis rec, Tepletton rec, Vinyl Disease rec, Undislessed (Fr), Drugs Kill Your Mind, Trash Steady Syndicate(Singapore)

numbered, 1100pcs

Space To Being - references to the next vinyls:

compilation Sekec mazec 3

Spasm / Mizar

split ep - 2008

L: Rarach Katus rec

violet ep

Spasm – Taboo Tales

picture lp – 2012

L: Maximed records, Nice To Eat You records, Rarach Katus records

Spes Erepta - s/t

ep – 2006

L: Ostrava HC rec, Phobia rec, Korek rec, We Lowe Pandas rec, Templetton rec, Rage Dis rec, Radek Buldra, Mates Prokop

525pcs grey marbled

Spes Erepta - references to the next vinyls:

compilation Sekec mazec quattro

Sporto – Nacochatu / Aran Epochal - Neklanka

split sp – 2008

L: Silver Rocket, Starcastic

Sporto – More

lp – 2009

L: Deadred, Starcastic

300 copies, 180gr white vinyl

Správny smer – s/t

ep – 1995

L: Správny smer

Správný směr - The Reality Of Native Inhabitants Of The Rainforests

ep – 1998

L: Forest rec (Jap)

SPS (Snížená pracovní schopnost) – Jsme v hajzlu

lp – 1992

L: Globus International

also red vinyl

SPS / Curbside(USA)

split ep - 1996

L: Ruddy Duck rec (USA)

SPS / Nežfaleš

split ep – 2014


SPS - next vinyls:

compilation Epidemie

Sračka – Hovno

10´ep – 2007

L: Bažina rec

cover is paper bag

in 2012 66 copies, original vinyls, the other cover

Stand Up Speak Up! / Rabies

split lp shape (haze) - 2012

L: War pigs rec, Togue sol distribución, Alcoholic Desaster (Greece), PHR, Subwix (Ger), Rauha Turva, Cestou na hřbitov rec, Rarach Katus rec, Delusion of Terror (Philippines), Exit production, Buryzone rec, Kamčůf D.I.Y. Swět, Noise Master rec, Pope's Ass prod., GRF rec, Vegan Food, Pigeon Shit Agency, Smyt rec. (Fr), Entes Anomicos (Ger), DIY Piraten, Aback rec, Wahnfried rec (Ger), Dratsab rec (Malaysia), Svoboda rec, Militanz rec (Ger)

Stand Up Speak Up! - next vinyls:

compilation Posloucháte Jižní Čechy 3


ep – 2000

L: Badman rec

300 copies

Stepson - Teenage Dreams Die

lp 2001

L: Pohoda rec

only 5 copies – only test press

Stevie Brufen – Death Of Stevie Brufen

lp – 2013

L: Mamamrdamaso

violet vinyl, insert with hand numbered


Stolen Lives / Time of My Life

split ep – 2006

L: Randall rec, Hluboká orba rec, Ostrava HC rec, INL rec, Different rec, Rage Dis rec


Stolen Lives - Spal svou vlajku

ep – 2008

L: GRF rec, Rauha Turva, Revolution Summer, Člověk, Randall rec, Hellbeat rec, TPC rec, Olga Hepnarová rec, OVXHC rec, Crapoulet rec (Fr), Simulacrum Reality rec

Stolen Lives / D.F.C. (Brasil)

split ep – 2009

L: Phobia rec, Hardcore Attack rec, Aback rec, Trenchcore rec, TPC rec, Waking The Dead, Crapoulet rec (Fr), Codex rec

also numbered edition 30 copies

Stolen Lives / Lahar

split lp – 2009

L: Insane Society, Phobia rec

too numbered limited edition 99copies: orange vinyl+special cover

415 black copies

Stolen Lives / Rapsöd

split ep – 2012

L: Different rec, Insane Society, Totalitarianism Still Continues, PHR, Phobia rec

500 grey vinyls, vinyl labels are switched!

Stolen Lives - Budoucnost sviní

lp – 2015

L: Pope's Ass, Waking The Dead, Maximed rec, Rarach Katus, Soudruh, Ultima Ratio, Véva rec, Togue Sol Distribución, Swamper, Vegan Food, Apatrida rec, Kamčův D.I.Y. swět

insert, 300 copies, label Tercer Mundo is on the insert by mistake, to the release was not involved

Stolen Lives – next vinyls:

v/a Memento (lp 2015)

Stres – s/t

lp - 1993

L: Day After

Stres - next vinyls:

compilation Fuck Off, Major Labels !!!


ep – 2001

L: ?

Suffer – Bee – Songs From The A-Cide

lp – 2012

L: self release

gatefold, 200 hand numbered copies

Suffocate / Obliterate / Embolism / Haemorrhage (Sp) - Rotten To The Gore

4way split ep – 2000

L: Erebos productions

1000 copies

Sunshine - Nice Songs From The Shadow Under Room

lp – 1995

L: Day After rec

Sunshine – Astral Love / Julia (USA) – Our Last Song

split ep – 1997

L: Day After

Sunshine – Radio Revolution / The Starlite Desperation (USA) – Shut My Door

split sp – 1997


blue vinyl

Sunshine - Hysterical Stereo Loops, Beats And Bloody Lips

lp – 1997

L: Day After

clear violet vinyl

Sunshine - Astral Love

12'ep – 1999


remix, pink/yelow vinyl

Sunshine - Velvet Suicide

lp – 1999

L: Day After

Sunshine / At The Drive-In (USA)

split 12ep – 2000

L: Big Wheel Recreation (USA)

violet clear vinyl

Sunshine – The Doll And The Midnight Sushi Orgy / No Knife (USA) – Flechette

split sp – 2000

L: Filler rec (Holland), Jetblack rec (Holland)

Sunshine – Necromance Digital Urban Icons

lp – 2001

L: Day After rec

Sunshine - Vampire´s Dance Hall / What You´ve Got

sp – 2004

L: Custard

ltd edition, pink vinyl

Sunshine – Victimisanothernameforlover

ep – 2005

L: Custard

Sunshine -

Moimir Papalescu And The Nihilists - Summer Deviation

12'ep - 2005

L: Pale Music (Ger)

remix album, bands: Scandals (Ger), Marco Lenzi (UK), Elektrabel, Sunshine

Superapes - Animal songs

lp - 2005

L: Thriller rec, Phobia rec, Malarie rec

Supraphon Family – next vinyls:

10“ Sedem Supraphon Minút Family Strachu – Hluk Off!!

Svatý Vincent – s/t

lp – 1990

L: Monitor

Svatý Vincent - Tančete na hrobech

lp – 1991

L: 999

hand made cover, every is original, 999 copies - numbered

Svině / Dezinfekce

split ep – 2002

L: Pohoda rec

Svině! / Pivnica

split ep - 2014


tripple simple opening cover

Svině - next vinyls:

compilation Posloucháte Jižní Čechy I

Svobodný slovo – Žijeme jinak / Nejsi sám

sp – 1991

L: Malárie

Svobodný slovo – Varování věku

lp - 1994

L: Malárie

Svobodný slovo - next vinyls:

compilation Epidemie